Q Plus Magazine

Nilgün Çolak was in charge as the General Manager at Leyra Publishing, Production and Marketing Company in İstanbul between years 2007-2012 .  She was also in charge as chief editor at  quarterly cultural and quality lifestyle magazine  Q Plus in the same time period. Q Plus was an outstanding publication of its kind at that time representing quality and luxury, reflecting Nilgün ÇOLAK’s   lifestyle indeed.

Q'en Magazine

At the same time with Q Plus, Nilgün ÇOLAK was also in charge as chief editor at monthly social life magazine Q’en for over 4 years.  . Q en Magazine was an  reference guide for the quality social life and was followed by a great number of audience including the high society of Turkey.


Nilgün ÇOLAK  is also a well-known author in Turkey. After losing a kidney, she won through stomach cancer and facing her mistakes she changed her perspective on life.

Ms.  Çolak than wrote a book named ‘Starting over from end-point’ with a sense of social responsibility based on her own life, experiences and perspective of life. The book was published   by Alfa Publications  2 times and planned to be published in English  soon.

Other than this;   she has written different story books for children, plus  a recipe book which involves presentation of her twin daughters.

PR & Events

Nilgün Çolak is a personification of a spirit with her life, her experiences and all the difficulties she lived through. She committed herself to revive desperate people with the help of God and her mission can be summarized briefly as ‘I am happy if I can make someone else happy’. She continues to convey her mission to people in the seminars/workshops she participates and keeps writing about the real power of human spirit.

Nilgün Çolak is carrying on new projects with the mission of ‘Life will give you back what you give to the universe’. One of the most important of these projects was the launching of the book ‘Giving Back’ written by Meera Gandhi of The Giving Back Foundation.  Nilgün Çolak is keeping her actions and work with this foundation on different projects based in Turkey and UK. She thinks this collaboration is just not a coincidence also a responsibility given by the universe.

Nilgün Çolak is in the administrative  committee at Life without Cancer Association and Umberto Veronesi Foundation, She is an active member in  Turkish Kidney Foundation, TEYEV and TOGEM foundations in Turkey. . She is also volunteer in many other social responsibility projects and supporting amain including  building prept class for pre school children.  She has been awarded by many foundations and associations  for all her support and activity in these institutions.

Other than participating, she has supported all these bodies by organizing charity events and PR campaigns through her expertise and  social network in Turkey and abroad..

TV Production

Nilgun ÇOLAk has established  Leyra Productions in 2004, which was one of the leading companies of the television sector with the selective and precised productions standing out with long-term screen performance and success.  Production services were also presented for  TV series produced for Turkey’s national TV channels and many TV commercials and documentaries.. Among her TV serials were ; ‘’ Blue Necklace’’ and ‘’ All will be mine ‘’  broadcasted in Show TV Turkey.

ALL WILL BE MINE (Hepsi Benim Olacak)