TV Production


Despite being a new company; Leyra  UK Media LTD is sitting on a long history of  TV Production  experiences  both in Turkey and abroad. The founder Ms. Nilgün ÇOLAK,   gained a seat for herself within the producers and television sector as she started to present and produce a television program about the advertising industry named Medyavizyon at Channel D. She also worked as presenter and producer for TV channels like Show TV, Star, Channel 6 and TGRT. Nilgün Çolak established a production company named Manavizyon in 2001. Proceeding her career as co-founder and manager of Leyra Productions founded in 2004, she presented  productions  like  ‘Blue Necklace’ and ‘Will Be All Mine’ broadcasted in Show TV Turkey.

Other key members of staff have experience on  producing corporate videos, commercials  and cultural documentaries  since many years.

Culture & Arts


With so much focus on contemporary art in Istanbul, Turkey, at the moment, we thought its time to wind the clock back and look at the classical arts of Turkey. These traditional skills have been passed down through generations that have kept them alive. They form the backdrop to Istanbul, whether it’s the carpets on sale in the Grand Bazaar, the calligraphy that decorate the mosques, or the Iznik ceramics on the dining table. It is this ornate tapestry that conjures images of Ottoman sultans and intrepid explorers. Here are few of the most common examples.  Our focus is the Book Arts in particular.

Ottoman Book Arts


This art form was one of the most distinctive during the Ottoman era. Teams of artists used colored inks to produce detailed pictures that served as illustrations.

Hat (Calligraphy)

In Islamic tradition, the creation of a human image was prohibited. This gave rise to one of the most beautiful calligraphic arts, in stark contrast to Christian traditions. Of the Ottoman arts, Calligraphy was the most important. Such mundane items as tax reports, property deeds and imperial edicts became exquisite works of art. This aptly reflects the bureaucratic nature of the empire, with its stress on writing and registering. Turkish calligraphers contributed to the development of new and more ornate styles of calligraphy. Each of the sultans had their own monogram in stylized script, called a Tugra. Sultan Ahmet III and Sultan Bayezit II were skilled calligraphers. Many of the greatest works were preserved in the extensive Ottoman archives and can be seen at Topkapi Palace and Ibrahim Pasha Museum (Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts).

Ebru (Paper Marbling)

Marbled paper or “Ebru” is an art form that was developed in Turkey in the fifteenth century. Mineral and vegetable dyes are sprinkled on water mixed with gum and the gall fluid of cattle, over which a sheet of paper is laid, creating unique and unrepeatable patterns. Traditionally, this paper was used for borders on Ottoman panels and miniatures, and for the inside covers and flyleaves of books. Today mass-produced marbled paper is used for such purposes, though the art of marbling continues. In 2014 Ebru art was inscribed in the UNESCO’s List of Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity Colors made from plants were transferred from water to paper in this almost magical process, creating swirling, dream-like patterns. The earliest example of ebru art in Ottoman Turkey comes from the 16th century, but the current tradition dates back to the 19th century, and remains popular today.

Tezhip (Illumination – Ornamental Gilding with Gold)

This ornate technique was used to decorate the texts of both religious and non-religious manuscripts or books, creating non-figurative, decorative designs that shone from the pages.

Cilt (Book binding)

The skill that went into the difficult technique is proven by the many surviving examples that still exist today (lasting far longer than our modern day books ever could).

Other classical Turkish or Ottoman arts include

Keçe (Felt), Kaatı (the art of stenciling cut out designs into leather or paper) and Sedef (Mother Of Pearl).

PR & Events


With the philosophy of  “The essence of the matter is hidden in details”, Leyra UK team is carrrying on its work as the “ Third Eye” of its Project partners and  realizing value adding  communication activities to enrich its brands /clients  in a right and effective way..

The purpose is; to establish a bridge  providing  correct, continous and effective communication  between the brand and  the target audience , to position a correct brand image..

Based upon this  point of view; we are aiming  to present  the most effective media communication to our clients according their needs and  supply reporting data on subjects like; media planning   yearly and long term  strategy development

Our strong relations with all mediums  are enabling us to supply the most optimized budgets to our brands..


Planning, Developing and controlling  effective strategies that enable our clients to achieve their goals.


Defining the suitable mediums  for our brands, that are  ideal according to their strategies and targets. Application of creative media solutions  by  effective news placement  in media. .


To create a perception of  powerful corporate identity, by  continous  and transparent  relations with all target audience. Of the institution.  Planning and practicing necessary activities to preserve and empower this perception..


Editing the content with regard to the messages that is to be transmitted.   Organizing and managing the events toward the targets defined based upon the strategic  rudiments.

Promotion & Sales


To support  the marketing activities of the company, by defining the needs of the target audience and help to cretae an effective perception of corporate identity..


All kind of applications related with products and services , that are developed to improve the brand image on the target audiences.  Promotional activities



The  Magazine

Through this new company  Ms. Nilgun Colak will design and publish  a magazine named Q Plus Magazine UK, which will consist of mainly business- related information and provide a network system for those interested ign connecting with companies either in the UK or Turkey and seeking business partners or simply companies looking to invest either in the UK, Turkey or both.

The  Books

The company  is   aiming  to become a co-publisher and distributor  of books from UK companies and authors.   Among our plans are; publishing   English translated  books related with Turkey’s wide variety of culture and arts heritage. Our  focus will be on Book Arts such as; Calligraphy, Paper Marbling, İllumination, Book Binding and  Miniatures.